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Alt.Lord is a net.villain created by Amabel Holland.
Alter Ego: None
Aliases: Bah! Alt.Lord needs no other name!
Primary Writer: Amabel Holland, Steven Howard, Arthur Spitzer
Status: Brooding in his fictional alternate dimension
Usability: Free For Use


Soon after the Saviors of the Net first appeared, it seemed that Alt.Lord was the shadowy mastermind pulling their strings. Arc, having discovered his existence, attempted to reveal him to the world. But the truth proved to be rather more complicated than that. Some of the Saviors professed to follow Alt.Lord, but others were unaware of his existence, and for yet others, their memories of working for him appeared and disappeared.

Ultimately, it was revealed that Alt.Lord was actually a prototype program for Doctor Net.ropolis's Mechanical Author, based on the villain of the Saviors of the World comic which had inspired her plan, who the Mechanical Author had brought to life to use as a pawn. The Mechanical Author summoned Alt.Lord to its aid in the final battle with the Saviors. Mood Arrow defeated him by hitting him with a Sense of Nostalgia for Old Times Which, While Technically You Were Miserable Then And You Know You're Better Off Without Them, You Still Miss Anyway Arrow, a far too complex emotion for a one-dimensional comic supervillain like Alt.Lord.

After the Mechanical Author was defeated, the last issue of Saviors of the World revealed that Alt.Lord had been defeated by Arc, who retired from being a hero. Some time afterward Very-Disturbed-Scary-Creature Man traveled to Alt.Lord's dimension somehow while seeking to understand why he and his fellow Saviors seemed to disappear from existence when they weren't being written about. He forced Alt.Lord to confront his limitations, leaving him with a small bit of hope. What Alt.Lord will make of this is unknown.


A rather one-dimensional villain.

Powers and Abilities

Given his resemblance to Doctor Doom, he probably possesses considerable scientific and mystical knowledge, as well as the usual archvillain accoutrements, such as a hidden base, minions, ingenious destructive inventions, death-traps, etc. Definitely has technology in his armor that can shoot energy-blasts, wield pain-shocks, teleport, etc.


A sinister armored man.