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Arc is a net.hero created by Amabel Holland.
Alter Ego: Joan St. Claire
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Amabel Holland, Arthur Spitzer
Status: Former (and current?) retconned-in member of the Saviors of the Net
Usability: Free For Use


Joan St. Claire, known as Arc, was a member of the Saviors of the Net that got cold feet and went on the run, trying to escape from them and warn the LNH about them and their true master, Alt.Lord.

Except she wasn't.

Arc was a fictional character in Saviors of the World, a comic book which inspired Doctor Net.ropolis's plan to create the Saviors of the Net, and which Dr. Net.ropolis based her prototype Mechanical Author programs on. She was made real when the fully activated Mechanical Author brought the prototypes to life to use as pawns. Unlike the others, however, she was able to resist the Mechanical Author.

Shortly after the Mechanical Author's defeat, the last issue of Saviors of the World came out, in which Arc defeated Alt.Lord and retired.

Later on, during Beige Midnight, Arc was said to be part of the revived Saviors, who were being mind-controlled by Mister Nasty against Very-Disturbed-Scary-Creature Man. Whether this Arc is the same as the original Arc and, if so, how she returned to Looniversal reality are yet unknown.


A classic hero, who possesses considerable courage and integrity.

Powers and Abilities

Arc is the wielder of the Infinite Sword. The full scope and nature of its powers are unknown. However, it does confer resistance to Retcons – ironic, given the nature of Arc's existence.


Not described.