Waffle Queen

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Waffle Queen is a net.villain created by Rob Rogers. See also the Waffle Queen (20)
Alter Ego: Mrs. Constance Schlubb
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Rob Rogers
Status: Deceased
Usability: Reserved


Became the guidance counselor of Hector Lopez, AKA Easily-Discovered Man Lite, as part of a gambit by Deathstocker for preemptive revenge. She attacked Easily-Discovered Man and Lite many times, placing them in cunning, waffle-based deathtraps and using her mind-control syrup to manipulate their friends and family.

Later, she became a "consultant" for the school system, exposing and driving away super-powered teens, along with her goon squad, Team Waffle. They were exposed by Lite, Cynical Lass, and Substitute Lad.

Uma Thurman was hired to play her in "LNH: The Movie", and, during her attempt to get into the role, lured EDM, Lite, and Cynical Lass into a trap and unleashed the GLURGE as part of one of Waffle Queen's plans.

In Easily-Discovered Man #47, the Waffle Queen was found dead. She is mourned, by her henchmen, by Uma Thurman (as the Waffle Queen II), and by the supervillain community at large.


Megalomaniacal, vindictive. Can be sincerely and personally cruel, but also has a sense of showmanship, artistry, and the Great Game.

Powers and Abilities

A smorgasbord of waffle-based gadgets, including the Eggobots, small plastic transforming robots, the Syrup of Suggestion, mind-controlling maple, and the Gelatinous Living Ultra-Reassuring Genetic Entity, or GLURGE.


Yellow jumpsuit with a crosshatched texture and waffles affixed to the outside covering strategic parts of her body.


Daughter of Deathstocker.