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David R. Henry (AKA DHenry) was a poster to rec.arts.comics, rec.arts.comics.misc and rec.arts.comics.xbooks. He dabbled in the post-Two-and-a-Half Month Gap chaotic add-on threads, but decreed that he was uninterested in the LNH proper, no matter how much wReam asked. Nevertheless, he allowed himself to be drawn in several times in the early days, and gained a reputation for stories with literary and affecting prose, as well as fleshing out the Looniverse's history (for example, he is the creator of Boy Lad). As well, he posted regularly on alt.comics.lnh for a time, and edited some of Scavenger's stories.

In-Character History

Within the LNHQ, there is a green door with the letters DRH on it, behind which the Serious Writer sits, and no one has ever seem him come out...

During Birth of a Villain, the Church of the Fourth Wall had a plan to "fix" the Looniverse by summoning a Writer and forcing them to write for the LNH, sealing out all other influences from Real Life. Originally, the plan called for Dave Van Domelen to be that writer, but after the Church allied with the Nodakommandos, they switched to David R. Henry as their target. (Thankfully, they were stopped before they could conduct the proper rituals.)

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