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Emme is a Secret Guardian created by Yuki Rosemoon and Drew Nilium.
Alter Ego: Emily Aria Kyjoi
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Yuki Rosemoon
Status: Secret Vampire Guardian of Beauty
Usability: Ask Before Using


The day that The Network battled Net.cron was a Very Bad Day for Emme. Her parents died, her memory was lost, and the Sword of Deletion, a weapon channeling Death as a cosmic force, was bonded to her. She was taken care of by Tyler, a friend of her parents', and after reading her parents' last message, decided to become a hero.

For a time, she dated Kid Enthusiastic, bonding over a shared experience as childlike unaging immortals. But it ended in a messy breakup, due to them both having unresolved angst.

Over time, she became well-known for taking down vampire criminals. Shortly after the Spoon of Destiny Saga, she came to join the LNH, but was kidnapped by an immortal who desired the Sword of Deletion. She killed him in self-defense, and turned down LNH membership for Reasons.

Shortly thereafter, she went through a dreamlike experience that lead both to taking on the office of Secret Guardian of Beauty, and to resolving her leftover issues with Kid E and becoming close friends again.


Teenager-y, despite her true age. Feels things very deeply.

Powers and Abilities

Vampiric strength. Can move in bursts of accelerated speed, to the point of seeming to appear and disappear. A skilled fighter, especially against undead. Limited disguise/transformation magic; she can change hair, skin, and clothes, but can't change her eye color.

The Sword of Deletion is magically bonded to her, and she can draw and use it at any time, though she avoids it except in times of extreme necessity.

Has the mostly-not-explained-yet powers of the Secret Guardian of Beauty.


A pale girl with dark red curly hair and red-purple eyes, somewhere in her early teens.