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The Network was the premiere Silver Age hero team of Earth-20. They were created by Lalo Martins.


In 1959, the first proper computer network was demonstrated. Inspired by the concept, the premier heroes of the US East Coast, West Coast, Great Britain, France, and Japan banded together for mutual support, creating The Network!

They discovered Netropolis! They inspired Net.names and the terms net.hero, net.villain and net.human! They ended the Cuban Missile Crisis and promoted heroism all over the world!

But by the '80s, demand for net.heroes was low, with many pro-active independent net.heroes keeping the need down. The battle with Net.cron left their ranks decimated, and in 1985, the Network finally disbanded.

Known Membership


In the modern day, there's a European team who uses the same name. We don't know much about them yet!

See Also

  • The Net.astic Nine, several of whose members formerly belonged to The Network.