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LNH2 is an alternate-future LNH imprint written primarily by Martin Phipps, focusing on the grown-up children of present-day LNHers. It was inspired by Marvel's MC2.

It was originally The Future to the Classic LNH, but like most The Futures in comics, it eventually became an alternate universe. It was revealed that it split off from Looniverse-A when the original Weirdness Magnet traveled from LNH2's 2001 to the Classic LNH's 1999, creating Looniverse-A2. Most of the founding members of the New Misfits originate from this timeline (from the series Acra Flight by Lalo Martins).

Dave Van Domelen also intended to use the name "LNH2" for a reimagination of the LNH, which was later integrated into the backstory of LNH20. See Acton Lord (series).

See also LNH2 Timeline.