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Paraddox is a net.hero/villain/anti-hero/whatever created by Lalo Martins. For the character who currently holds the Weirdness Magnet identity, see Weirdness Magnet II.
Alter Ego: Andy Martins
Aliases: Weirdness Magnet I
Primary Writer: Lalo Martins
Status: Active super-crime-boss
Usability: Not Reserved


Highly intelligent, manipulative, and cryptic. Basically a smug bastard. He's usually engaged in multiple complex schemes, each of which has many levels.


A short guy who looks Hispanic from one angle and Middle Eastern from another.

As Weirdness Magnet, his first costume involved gray pants, a gray shirt, battered cowboy boots, and a strong leather belt with all kinds of neat things hanging from it (including a Walkman and tapes). He wore an orange helmet styled after Magneto (Magneto, Magnet, get it?), with the face of a cat just above the eyes.

A time-travel mishap caused his appearance to change. His skin turned gray and his eyes black. He wore a green, black and yellow costume, with boots up to his thighs and white, loose sleeves, and an obnoxious green cape (not even the same tone of green as the rest!) with a hood, which gave him the ability to turn invisible when he pulled it up. After another time trip, however, it reverted to the above.

As Paraddox, he usually just wears businessman-style suits and plain clothes, though when working with the Lion Pack, he wore BDSM-style Hellfire-Club leather gear.


Paraddox, in his original identity as Weirdness Magnet, first appeared during Birth of a Villain, leaving behind his old life for that of a net.hero. He attempted to save New Look Lass and Minority Miss from their fate in Saviors of the Net, but was accidentally sent back to 1984, and saved Mister Stomper from a bomb, getting stuck in stasis in the form of a doll until he got back to 1998.

In 58.5, it was revealed that this Weirdness Magnet's timeline eventually became LNH2 as a consequence of Birth of a Villain never ending; when he saved Stomper, he diverged the timeline from his own. Weirdness Magnet II is his counterpart from the main timeline.

During the invasion of the Meta-Gods From The 13th Dimension, Weirdness Magnet's intelligence was boosted by Vector Crime to meta-god levels, allowing him to speak to them on their level and persuade them to leave. He turned frankly kinda nihilistic after this, and freed Vector Prime. They took over Khe Saraq's organization and turned it into the Crime Empire, with her becoming the Crime Empress and him becoming Paraddox.

During the invasion of the Evilverse Legion, Paraddox and the Crime Empire headed up the Resistance.

Powers and Abilities

As Weirdness Magnet, naturally attracted odd happenings, and had a high degree of resistance (mental, supernatural, and metatextual) to weirdness, as well as a very small degree of subconscious control over it.

As Paraddox, has meta-level intelligence. He may or may not still have his Weirdness Magnet powers.