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Minority Miss is a net.hero created by Lalo Martins. She is the title character of The Misunderstood Missions of Minority Miss. See also Captain Minority.
Alter Ego: Apoena Goulão
Aliases: The Not-So-Original-Crusader
Primary Writer: Lalo Martins
Status: Member of the LNH (Classic Team)
Usability: Not Reserved


While still a teenager, Apoena began her super-hero career as "The Not-So-Original-Crusader", using her newly-discovered powers to rescue a hijacked plane over Florida. Though impressed with her abilities, the Ultimate Ninja rejected her candidacy for membership in the Legion of Net.Heroes, claiming she was too powerful for the group (and not particularly original). Apoena stood her ground, however, arguing that her versatility – as someone with a varied cultural background, as well as a wide range of super-powers – made her valuable to the Legion.

   "Well, I'm female, I'm a girl and I'm South American...I'm also pagan, left-handed, color-blind...my father was Native-American and my mother was Jewish. And now I'm superpowered too. And of course, I'm not half as beautiful as most superpowered girls. Will you want fries with that, sir?"
  —The Misunderstood Missions of Minority Miss #1

Following the battle with the Mechanical Author chronicled in Saviors of the Net, Minority Miss found herself trapped on the other side of the Fourth Wall (specifically Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) with New Look Lass. Both women returned to the Looniverse years later, refusing to provide an explanation of where they had gone or what they had done, though it's known that while in the "Real World", Minority Miss spent time unraveling the activities of – and inadvertently working for – the Reality Systems corporation.

Together with the other members of the LNH, Apoena traveled to the Ultimate Black Hole to defeat the Legion of Net.Villains during the events of Beige Countdown.


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She sometimes struggles with the vast breadth of her powers, and the constant exploration required to use them well.

Apoena is aware that she is a fictional character. As a matter of principle, she has refused to ever giggle. She is bisexual.

Powers and Abilities

Minority Miss has the ability to use any super-power which more than three heroes in the Looniverse possess. She can also use powers which are common to at least five heroes in any universe, such as flight, immense strength and speed, and the ability to make wisecracks or pop-cultural references at appropriate moments.


Minority Miss wears a green-and-yellow spandex costume, accented with a cape. Her costume and appearance has greatly improved since the beginning of her friendship with New Look Lass.


Minority Miss received Accies:Favorite New Character in 2000, and The Misunderstood Missions of Minority Miss received RACCies:Favorite New Title in the same year.