Captain Minority

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Captain Minority is a net.hero created by Lalo Martins. See also Minority Miss.
Alter Ego: Apoena Goulão
Aliases: Minority Miss, Magna
Primary Writer: None
Status: Member of the LNH (Team 20)
Usability: General Use


Apoena Goulão was born in a hippie community in Brazil. As a teenager, she operated as Magna, protecting the capital city, Brasilia. After some gentle persuasion from local government, she headed up to Netropolis and got caught up in the formation of the LNH, changing her name to Minority Miss and becoming a member in good standing.

By the time the LNH went underground during Ultravac's reign, she had changed again, to Captain Minority, blazing against the forces that would seek to oppress her!


Apoena's usual mood is snarky and relaxed. She's committed to the heroic ideal, and ready to rush to the aid of any of her friends who are in trouble.

She is one of the few Earth-20 natives who's aware of her status as a fictional character.

Bisexual. Pagan.

Powers and Abilities

Captain Minority has fairly standard flying brick powers which are stronger the more outmatched she is; she's far more powerful facing a huge group on her own than when she's in a fairly equal battle alongside teammates. Artificial vanilla flavor is her weakness.


Apoena is part-First American and part-black. She wears a sleek green and yellow spandex outfit accented with a cape.

As Magna, she wore homemade leather body armor, with a crocheted cowl made to resemble a knight's coif while still concealing her identity, and a mock-heraldic blazon on the chest, with a large golden M.


In the Spoon of Destiny era, she was dating Andrea the Ticker-Tape Reader, though neither knew about the other's double life. She became close to Lurking Girl II over time.