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Public Eye is a net.antihero created by Emma McGill.
Alter Ego: Nora Malloy
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: None
Status: Member of the System Corrupters
Usability: Usable Without Permission


Nora Malloy's early history is largely unrevealed. At some point, the Adult Fascists attempted to recruit her; when she rejected them, they framed her for drug possession. Kid Enthusiastic-Y and his crew sprung her from prison, and she joined the System Corrupters.


Your typical underdog noir gumshoe.

Powers and Abilities

Holding an object a person owns, she can see that person and the area around them. This only works for living people in the city of Net.ropolis-Y, and can be blocked by psychic barriers.

Has a deep link to Net.ropolis-Y.


Wears a sleek black outfit covered by a wide wool peacoat (with an open, staring eye over the chest, split in two by the coat's zipper) and a black fedora.