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Screen Saver is a net.hero created by Rob Rogers.
Alter Ego: Aurora Jones
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Rob Rogers
Status: Retired net.hero, student at Russell High
Usability: Usable With Permission


Aurora Jones worked in secret, rescuing people in her small town as the Screen Saver. This came to an end when she was exposed by the Waffle Queen's "consulting" company. Although the Queen and her gang were shut down by Easily-Discovered Man Lite, Substitute Lad and Cynical Lass, Aurora is still bitter about her private life going public.

However, she and Lite are still friends, of a sort, and she still helps out the gang from time to time.


Was a loner with a sarcastic attitude even before she was exposed. Has a somewhat contemptuous attitude toward net.heroing in general. Really likes cheesecake.

Powers and Abilities

Can merge with and control reflective surfaces, such as television screens, computer monitors, and window glass.


Aurora is blonde, with short hair that's longer on one side than the other, and is considered by Lite to be "pretty in an unconventional sort of way". She wears a nose ring.


Cousin to Luke Jones and Emily Jones.