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From Dave's art site: Drawing exists only as a t-shirt right now, you may note some warping. Scanning shirts is a ROYAL pain. This is Acton Lord in the X-Post Facto alternate future.
Skysabre is a net.hero created by Dave Van Domelen.
Alter Ego: Richard Franklins
Aliases: Acton Lord, Eagle, Iron Eagle
Primary Writer: Dave Van Domelen
Status: Former net.villain, former member of Dvandom Force, active net.hero in the X-Post Facto timeline
Usability: Usable With Permission


When DeFacto V was created, his first act was to destroy Dvandom Force. His second act was to find Acton Lord, strip him of his power, destroy his base, and throw him into the timestream to float in endless anguish.

But, due to the random weirdness of the Looniverse's timeline, the former Acton Lord was spat out in 2072, decades into DeFacto V's rule. Using his knowledge of this world, he took on the identity of Eagle and built a rebellion, Dvandomforce. He attempted to prevent DeFacto V's creation, but ended up helping cause it; but when DeFacto V stuck him with the Net.astic Nine to gloat, they managed to travel back and give Squidman the chance to truly prevent that dark future.

Stuck in the past, he joined Dvandom Force and, since "Eagle" was already taken, changed his name to Skysabre. After DeFacto was finally overcome at the end of the Grand Tour, Skysabre decided to return to his own time.


Noble, regretful and melancholy.

Powers and Abilities

Has a Series Eight Cyclo-Heart, which covers him in an armored shell when he taps the patch over his heart and shouts "DVANDOMFORCE!" This, in turn, can project a hard-light giant-robot-style combat machine around him when he shouts "PROJECTOR!", which he can control like part of his own body and transform into a fighter jet.