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Superconductor is a net.hero created by Rob Rogers.
Alter Ego: Karen
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Rob Rogers
Status: Deceased net.hero
Usability: Reserved


An undercover government agent investigating super-villain activity in Net.ropolis, Superconductor encountered the Legion of Net.Heroes during their battle with the cyborg villain Alt.imate Ninja. She agreed to work with the LNH, helping the heroes defend the planet in the wake of an invasion by shape-shifting RoboMACs.

During her brief career, Superconductor shared a romance with fellow hero Substitute Lad and was the subject of an unrequited crush by Easily-Discovered Man Lite. Her association with both heroes proved her undoing. When Lite urged Substitute Lad to unleash his hidden powers on the invading robots, the energy released in the process threatened to destroy the nation's capital. Superconductor absorbed the energy, giving her life in the process.

   "You killed her! You let all that energy loose and it was like an atomic bomb dropping on the robot apart, blew everything apart. If Superconductor hadn't stepped in and channeled all of the energy into the ground, you'd have destroyed the city...but it was too much, she couldn't take it...she's dead, she's dead, you bastard, and it's my fault because I told you to do it..."
  —Easily-Discovered Man Lite, Substitute Lad #3


Brilliant, sarcastic and quick on her feet. Never held a grudge about her investigation being interrupted. Heroic to the end.

Powers and Abilities

Superconductor had the ability to absorb and redirect energy. Although she could not generate energy blasts on her own, she could channel electricity, fire or radiation. She wore a ring that could be plugged into outlets in order to channel electricity.


A woman of European descent with blond hair, considered quite attractive by the young lads around her. When undercover, she wore a barmaid's outfit.

   "She had a smile I would have fallen down on my knees and lit candles to, if I'd had the energy and possibly the candles. Her smile lit up a face that like most artistic masterpieces deserved to be lit up, and what I could see of her body beneath the curves of her barmaid's uniform told me that this was either the greatest day of my life or else sweeps week and my writer was hoping to attract readers by stocking his stories full of dazzlingly beautiful female characters. Either way, I was grateful."
  —Easily-Discovered Man Lite, The Adventures of Easily-Discovered Man #13