Thingy Technology

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Thingy technology, also known as thingee technology, covers a type of technological Plot Device that allows the characters to do neat stuff without having to get too much into the details. Named after its creator, Mister Thingy, thingy technology is widely used by the LNH, and rarely used by "normal" people, since Drama is a byproduct of its use. The central power source of thingy technology is the thingy.thingy.

(Thingy Technology is most seen in the Classic Looniverse, but is also available for use in other LNH worlds.)

Common pieces of Thingy Technology

  • Flight.thingy: One of the most common ways for LNHers to get around, the flight.thingy is a flying craft capable of taking off and landing in most places without too much trouble. (Comic book equivalents include the X-Men's Blackbird, the Fantastic Four's Fantasticar, and the Avengers Quinjet.) Flight.thingees can be small or large; some only carry one person, while others hold enough for a major crossover. Parking Karma Kid is the most common LNHer to see piloting such a craft.
    • The space.thingy is a related piece of technology, able to navigate outside an atmosphere across interplanetary distances. See also the Super Flight Thingy Raven.
    • Note that, originally, the term "flight.thingee" referred to a ring which allowed the user to fly on their own (a la the signet rings of the Legion of Super-Heroes), and is sometimes still used like this.
  • Net.thingy: The net.thingy is a self-contained vehicle with the ability to pass between newsgroups. Net.thingees often have maneuvering capabilities within a newsgroup-world similar to flight.thingees.
  • Comm.thingy: Allows communication between widely separated LNHers on mission. Often Star Trek-y.
  • Scan.thingy: Similarly Trekish, this device allows gathering of information on anomalies, weird radiation, and Hackemon.
  • Translator.thingy: You get the idea.