White Dwarf

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White Dwarf is a net.villain created by Rob Rogers.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Rob Rogers
Status: Comatose net.villain; former member of the InterKnights
Usability: Usable With Permission


Charismatic, captivating and clever, the White Dwarf used his force of mind to seize control of the InterKnights, a team of British super-heroes. As leader of the InterKnights, the Dwarf placed himself at the head of a pseudo-religious cult, hoping to extend his influence to the rest of the Usenet.ted Kingdom and eventually the world. When he sent the InterKnights to attack a group protesting his activities, however, he attracted the attention of the Legion of Net.Heroes.

Defeated by the LNH, the White Dwarf tried to take revenge by entering the mind of Easily-Discovered Man. The plan backfired when the net.hero defeated him in mental combat, leaving the would-be world conqueror a drooling vegetable.


<fill in later>

Powers and Abilities

Possessed of vast mental powers, the White Dwarf can take command of the minds of any number of beings and maintain that control over great distances. Rather than exercise that control directly, however, the White Dwarf is usually more subtle, doing his best to convince his opponents that his actions are in their best interests, and that the illusions he creates are real.


As his name implies, the White Dwarf is an albino under four feet tall. He is a charismatic, powerful speaker with a deep bass voice and penetrating eyes.

   "He was, in fact, three feet tall, pale and pink as a newborn rabbit with red eyes and large blue veins in his disproportionately large forehead. He dressed in subdued shades of grey, and wore, as always, an expression that suggested he was thinking of something unbelievably important while at the same time paying rapt attention to the person with whom he happened to be speaking."
  —Easily-Discovered Man Lite, The Adventures of Easily-Discovered Man #22