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Brunhilda Ampulle is a former net.hero turned net.villain turned...? created by Drew Nilium (character), Arthur Spitzer (concept). See also Captain Killfile (Classic).
Alter Ego: N/A
Aliases: Ghost Exterminator, Captain Killfile, Kid Killfile, Hildy
Primary Writer: Drew Nilium
Status: Former member of the Saviors of the Net, current member/ward of the Ultimate Saviors
Usability: General Use


Brunhilda "Hildy" Ampulle was just another kid kicking around the foster care system, until a net.hero gave her a hand up and she became a member of the Saviors of the Net. She became Kid Killfile, the protege of Sig.Lad and the sister rival of Flamebroiled Lad, and threw herself into helping people, living, and getting better.

But the world around her got worse. Or so it seemed, even as she fought harder to hold the line, maturing and taking the name Captain Killfile. After a terrible incident where she saved someone, made friends with them, and they took their own life the next day, she broke from the Saviors, blaming net.heroes and net.villains for making the world apathetic to its own larger problems. She built a machine that would suppress all net.ahuman powers, and one day in 1999, broadcast her plan to the world. The Saviors went to stop her, and she ripped the Flamebroiled Force out to power her machine. But even as The Killfile spread over Earth-20, Sig.Lad sent the Saviors, the bulk of the machine's energy, and Captain Killfile herself into Ava.LAN...

The Killfile fell in 2007, and in 2012, Things Happened in Ava.LAN, sending Brunhilda on an indirect path back to reality, arriving in Cleveland in 2019. There, she faced the consequences of what she'd done, realized her mistakes, and with the help of Kid Enthusiastic and the Ultimate Saviors, pledged herself to fixing them. She fought an imposter Captain Killfile, and took on the name of Ghost Exterminator.


Brilliant and snarky. Friendly and kind to the people she helps. Often comes off as overbearing, egotistical, and secretive, but all of that is layered over a combination of insecurity and driving need to make things better. Almost certainly has the anxiety, and possibly some kind of obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Powers and Abilities

A brilliant engineer, especially in the field of manipulating the energies known to mages and theorists as Killfile Energy. Uses her own custom gadgets in battle, including a pair of gauntlets.

Bearer of the Sword of Damocles until The Killfile went up.


A statuesque blond woman. Usually wears gold and blue.