Clueless Lad

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Clueless Lad is a net.hero created by Scott Eiler.
Alter Ego: Dimm Bulbus
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Scott Eiler
Status: Free agent, currently out of phase with the timestream of Looniverse-20
Usability: General Use


Dimm Bulbus is a 19-year-old of remote Dimm Hollow, West Virginia. He resolved to go to police academy in Net.ropolis and make something of himself. Then Nudist Man of the Legion of Net.Heroes came to town, causing some culture shock. Dimm found he had the ability to neutralize nudism! Eventually Nudist Man wore him down, and left town. It's unknown if Nudist Man reported this incident.

Dimm has yet to be titled Clueless Lad, except in Nudist Man's notes. But Dimm has now entered the Legion headquarters building via a sub-basement side entrance, encountered some of the creatures who live within. He's made it as far as the Legion's lobby, encountered January Frost, and been trapped in a time bubble alongside The Great Catastrophe.


Dimm Bulbus is well-adjusted, affable, and fairly well-educated by rural West Virginia high school standards. He speaks in local dialect, mostly characterized by phrases like "shouldn't oughta". He's seldom ungrammatical, though; he does have that high-school education.

His knowledge of current events is extremely limited. Cellphones and cable television have not come to Dimm Hollow, and broadcast radio and television don't work well there.

He doesn't really have a "cop" mentality. He's more suited to rescuing people than arresting them, and he's fairly easy to fast-talk. He's now revealed, he's really going to Firefighter Academy.

Powers and Abilities

Clueless Lad has the unconscious ability to negate any power or technology which is unknown outside Dimm Hollow, West Virginia. He can even manipulate matter and/or reality to cloak strange entities (such as Nudist Man) or transform them entirely. This power is unknown in origin, but possibly related to whatever powers the Spoons of Destiny, and/or to an inter-universal power spike which happened in April 2011 at the time of the RACCies, and/or to whatever powers The Great Catastrophe, and/or to any number of power artifacts. With education, he can turn the power off and then use it selectively.


6'2", 160 lbs, blonde hair, crew cut. Typically dresses in jeans and a T-shirt, plus other clothing appropriate to the weather.