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From time to time, in one of the infinite universes, someone won't be content with those scattered glimpses. They will taste the reality behind the story, know that there is deeper truth behind the fiction, and go in search of it. Most will fail. But a few will find the right road, will go straight where others turn, and find the connections between the worlds.
A few will find Crossroads.
The Crossroads FAQ
There's even Crossroads, which, despite supposedly being a connecting point for every reality that exists, is a closed universe. This odd contradiction has driven many philosophers to a state of extreme insanity...
Chris Meadows, Team M.E.C.H.A. #60

Proposed by Peter Milan, the Crossroads imprint drew in a number of other RACC writers including Mikes Friedman and Escutia, Matt Rossi, Todd Kogutt (who helped out with the worldbuilding) and Eagle himself, with his frequent collaborator David Anastasion. It began as a closed universe which would open up to new writers as it developed; sadly, it never got to that point before the writing momentum petered out.

It focused on oddball protagonists who didn't fit into conventional superhero narratives, such as a superpowered dog (Mike Friedman's Arvie the Wonderdog) or the god Loki (Matt Rossi's Loki, from long before Marvel ever had a Loki series). Mike Escutia's series, Tapestry, was actually a post-superheroic Classic LNH spinoff, focusing on the ex-LNHer Quote King (usually referred to by his first name, John) and his adventures in the Library of Infinite Stories.

The Crossroads imprint has been defunct for some time, however, Arvie the Wonderdog continues to bartend at the RACCCafe.

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