Cute Anna

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Cute Anna is a net.hero created by Martin Phipps.
Alter Ego: Princess Cute-Anna
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Martin Phipps
Status: Detective and freelance operative
Usability: Reserved


Cute Anna (or Cute-Anna) hails from Outerworld, a dimension outside of the Looniverse. As is often the case with other dimensions, time in Outerworld passes differently than it does in our world. She came to the Looniearth in order to participate in the Mortal Posting tournament.

  "You forget! I'm over ten thousand years old myself! As a child growing up in Outerworld, my mother would teach me about your world and I continued to study your world after the Emperor came and murdered her and my father. That's how I know all the stories about the ancient Khmer civilization!."
—Cute Anna, Cute Anna, Crypt Looter #1

She is a friend of both Deja Dude and his son, Deja Dude II, and has connections to many other important figures, including former U.N. Secretary-General Yodi Annan. Along with Ku Lang and Innocent Looking Guy, she previously worked with the Martie Townsend Detective Agency in Net.York.City, operated by Deja Dude.


Shrewd and resourceful, Cute Anna often serves as the voice of reason in the world of super-heroes, aliens, mythological figures and cosmic entities she inhabits.

She has recently become aware of the fictional nature of the Looniverse.

Powers and Abilities

Cute Anna is a skilled martial artist, having studied kung fu for more than a thousand years. She is well-versed in ancient languages and the history of civilizations old and new, and is a superb pilot and navigator, able to find her way even in outer space.

By touching the forehead of another, she can reveal memories of that person's past lives.


Although Cute Anna is a thousands-year-old being from another dimension, she appears to be an attractive human female in her early twenties, with long black hair and Asian features.