Doctor Oblivion

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Doctor Oblivion is a net.villain created by Peter "Tick" Milan.
Alter Ego: Seamus O'Blivion
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Tick
Status: Arch-enemy of Decibel Dude and Cutlery Lass
Usability: Reserved


Dr. Seamus O'Blivion was just your average evil genius until he accidentally created Decibel Dude. Since then, he's dedicated his every waking moment to D-Dude's D-destruction. He's kidnapped Samantha Spoon to force D-Dude to do his bidding, then learned D-Dude's true identity and tried to put it in a book, and, during the "Falling to Pieces" storyline, faked Samantha's death and nearly drove D-Dude insane. He's a mean guy.


A dangerous evildoer with a pathological hatred of Decibel Dude and Cutlery Lass.

Powers and Abilities

No powers to speak of; evil genius.


A short, thin man with an enormous bald head, thick, opaque goggles and a rather dingy lab coat.


An alternate version of him, Captain Oblivion, is the greatest hero of Reverseworld.