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Google-13 is a hardcore bullet man created by Jamie Rosen.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: Probably many
Primary Writer: Jamie Rosen
Status: At large, somewhere on the Looniearth
Usability: Usable With Permission


In 1984, an idealistic young man wielding a custom-built pistol helped defuse a hostage situation involving The Red Squares and a bunch of time-displaced LNHers.

In 1999, in the midst of Birth of a Villain and much less idealistic, the assassin now known only as Google-13 was readying to fight a fifty-foot Vector clone when the Legion of Costumed Individuals popped into the Looniverse. Despite and in large part because of shenanigans, they managed to defeat her and stop the threat of Zombie President Taft.

After the threat of Vector was resolved, he came to help the Legion of Costumed Individuals find a new direction...


Puts on an extremely gritty persona, but seems to still have a lot of that idealism underneath.

Powers and Abilities

Excellent marksman, especially with his custom pistol. Sometimes possessed of inadequate common sense.


A man in a white jacket and black jeans in an undefinable middle age, usually smoking. Drives a really funky looking white Lotus Esprit Turbo.


Google-13 is a parody of Golgo 13, an extremely long-running manga about the world's best assassin.