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Part of the flood of self-admitted garbage that Amabel Holland posted in her first few months on RACC in 1997, the KEWL universe is not in fact the worst thing ever posted there, but it is one of the absolute most nonsensical and incoherent. It was created by Incoherent Writer Man to torture Cheesecake-Eater Lad in The Return of Cheesecake-Eater Lad #2. Later, it was spun it off into its own imprint. It concerned the adventures of the Magic Fruitcake and his biker babe sidekick from the future, Brunette, as they battled the head of Bill Clinton.

Later on, Amabel Holland mercy-killed the KEWL universe in Journey Into Irrelevancy #24, but the Magic Fruitcake made it into the Looniverse through a Plot Hole and still sometimes shows up in both the LNH and RACCCafe.

Sufficiently masochistic readers can find the KEWL stories here.