Lady Fairplay

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Lady Fairplay is a enigma woman created by Jack Ryan and Drew Nilium.
Alter Ego: Mary Lee
Aliases: Goddess of Chastisement
Primary Writer: None
Status: Unknown
Usability: General Use



At the request of the brilliant scientist Professor Amazo, Mary Lee, modest young school teacher, underwent an experiment which transformed her into a beautiful creature with unlimited energic powers!

She defended the midwest through the latter half of the 1940s with her powers and her sense of fair play.


Dedicated to fairness and good gamesmanship. Very confident in her conclusions.

Powers and Abilities

"Unlimited energic powers", including enhanced strength, speed, and stamina, with quick recovery.


A tall, radiant figure with a proud bearing. She wears with a golden tiara, a bright yellow cape clasped at the neck, a long-sleeved green top, a sky-blue chainmail skirt, and military-cuffed boots.


In Real Life, Lady Fairplay was an actual Golden Age comics character, appearing in Bang-Up Comics #1-3, who fell into the public domain; see her Public Domain Superheroes wiki entry here. She was adapted to LNH20 by Drew Nilium.