Lethal Lawyer Corps

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The Lethal Lawyer Corps are an intergalactic organization of superpowered lawyers who manage intergalactic law in the Looniverse and protect it from its many potential trademark violations. Their cosmic powers give them the ability to exploit legal loopholes as well as weaponizing the law against others; they have the ability to teleport into LoopholeSpace.

One or more Lethal Lawyers have helped and hindered the LNH a number of times. (And may be a member? It's not clear.) At least one of them has Loonivearth under his jurisdiction, Ron Kaylor.

The Classic LNH and LNH2 versions of Leroy Laurel have gone by the Lethal Lawyer name, but his first appearance refers to him as having "earned the nickname 'Lethal Lawyer'", so it's unclear if he's a member of the Corps.


Mark Friedman introduced the first Lethal Lawyer, as a villain in the post-Cosmic Plot Device Caper chaotic add-on threads.