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An imprint is one of the ways stories are categorized on rec.arts.comics.creative.

In the comic book industry, a single publisher may use different imprints to market works to different demographics. On RACC, they're used more to group stories, by tone, by genre, or by shared universe. Each imprint has its own tag under which stories are posted.

Unlike most worlds on RACC, the LNH has several different imprints associated with it. Some of them belong to the various Looniverses; others are alternate futures or parallel worlds.

LNH-associated imprints include:

The MISC tag is used for stories that don't fall under any imprint. See Category:Imprints for others.

Non-story-universe imprints include:

  • ACRA: Acraphobe stories.
  • ADMIN: Administrative matters, usually affecting everyone on RACC.
  • ELSE: Elsewhirls, an out-of-continuity or alternate-universe story.
  • META: Discussion about the stories themselves, or about the newsgroup.
  • PRECOG: Promotion for upcoming stories.
  • REVIEW or REV: Naturally enough, reviews of stories on the newsgroup.
  • WWW: Posts about World Wide Web sites, either ones related to text stories or webcomics crossposted to RACC.