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Lunaverse (or LUNA) is an LNH-related imprint on rec.arts.comics.creative.

Created as an update of the NTB, Lunaverse stories are those that take a step out of the superhero mindset and into the viewpoint of urban fantasy, grounded in the uncanniness of the everyday world. These stories can take place in any of the LNH universes; the same worlds, but different perspectives on them. They're often creepy, sad, or uncomfortable, full of horror and full of strangeness; but at the same time, full of wonder, hope, and joy that the world is as weird, dark and unknowable as it is.

List of Stories


These are dark fantasy, horror and surrealism-tinged series and storylines from various LNH imprints which are set on the edges of the superhero genre, sometimes interacting with but outside the NTB, much or all which would likely fit under the Lunaverse umbrella today.



Lunverse Proper

Stories dating from after the formal institution of the imprint.