New Dogs

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As the Looniverse came into being – wait, you've heard this before? Well, anyway...

In a time of cosmic crisis, one planet became two: New Caninis, a world of righteousness, and Apoochcalypse, a world of evil! Two forces, forever locked in battle: the New Dogs!

They include:

  • Barkseid, evil ruler of Apoochcalypse!
  • Kalibark, his brutal warrior son!
  • Grandmother Greediness, iron-fisted administrator of the orphanage!
  • The Rye-Father, ruler of New Caninis!
  • Napoleon 6, first born son of Barkseid raised on the world of light!
  • Mister Mediocre, some guy!

How the New Dogs relate to the Net.Gods is currently unclear.