Nope Lads and Lasses

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When the Net.ahuman Responsibility Act was passed, many super-powered youth decided to register as trainee LNHers in order to gain experience with their powers. However, quite a few of them had no plans to become superheroes afterwards. Thus, many (but not all) of these registered using the codename "'Nope-I'm-Not-Training-To-Be-A-Superhero" followed by Lad, Lass, Boy, Girl, Man, Woman, Person, or whatever, and a number; collectively, referred to as the Nope Lads and Lasses.

"Named" Nopes

  • Nope Lad 179: A member of an alien species, identical to humans, who gain superpowers under a green sun.
  • Nope Girl 1123: Resistant to radiation.
  • Nope Guy 2453: A computer technician with minor telekinetic powers.