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The Omega imprint was a storytelling universe on rec.arts.comics.creative. In many ways, it was constructed as an alternative to the LNH, or, at least, what the LNH was in 1994, featuring serious characters and dark, complicated storylines that were carefully planned out beforehand.

Matt Rossi, Peter Milan, Marc Singer and Chad Imbrogno were foundational Omega writers. Rossi's Omega series Tempest was (very) loosely based on an LNH Elsewhirl of the same name, and Milan wrote the LNH vs. Omega one-shot.

Flame Wars VI featured, as one of the amalgamated universes, parodies of Omega characters, and definitely not the actual characters. We're serious about this.

Several Omega characters hang out in the RACCCafe, just trying to chill out and avoid the dark paranoiac stereotypes.

In 1997 and 1998, Omega won RACCies:Favorite Story Universe, and may Omega tales have achieved honors in the RACCies and the RACC Hall of Fame.

Sadly, no one has written Omega stories for several years, but the complete archives can be read here.