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The RACelestials (sometimes spelled RACCelestials) are cosmic beings of mysterious purpose who watch over Usenet and the rec.arts.comics.* hierarchy. They seem to watch over many basic functions of the Usenetverse, including the creation of new newsgroups and the judgment of existing ones. Their actions, while stabilizing on a cosmic scale, often cause chaos for mortals.


Two-thousand-foot-tall humanoids in all-covering body armor.

Named RACelestials

  • ReFoDis the Schizmator: Responsible for the creation of new newsgroups and the splitting of old ones into new hierarchies. Conducts a vote among all members of a world, giving them a cosmic command to "DECIDE". Issues the Cosmic Plonk when a change is decided against, and <more>. Also known as ReFoD.
  • The Scowling RACelestial: Responsible for threatening to take down any newsgroup whose policies it doesn't like. Moderated newsgroups have sometimes seen its wrath in the distance.
  • Eagalon:

See also the Internet RACelestial Complex and the RACCelestial Madonna.