Timo and Farley

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Timo and Farley is a pair of net.heroes created by K. Michael Wilcox.
Alter Ego: None
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: K. Michael Wilcox
Status: Member of LNH Europe
Usability: Reserved


Timo was a parrot who became "the darling of Finnish culture", a regular on TV morning shows, with a short-lived musical variety series which ended when it started to cut into his public-appearance schedule. When an attempt was made to birdnap him, a stray dog came from nowhere to save him. The two became inseparable, and Timo's popularity rose even higher. Then he decided he wanted to join the LNH...

They were selected as founding members of LNH Europe, representing Finland.


Timo is mainly self-centered, except where Farley's concerned. Farley is devoted entirely to the bird.

Powers and Abilities

Timo's an intelligent parrot. Farley's just a dog.


A green parrot and a big shaggy dog.