Ultimate Mercenary Reading Order

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I can't imagine what reading all of this nonsense in chronological order will be like.
Masterplan Lad, The Liminals #1

Ultimate Mercenary started off simple enough, but grew into an epic tale with a whole bunch of forking paths along the way. (And also was written super out of order.) Here's an approximation of a simple reading guide:

Somewhere in those unrevealed fates, the cast splits off.

Ultimate Mercenary ends up on Earth-20:

  • And slides straight into Ultimate Mercenary v20.
  • His appearances in the Spoon of Destiny Saga take place after all currently-published UM v20 issues, because of course they do.
  • His story will end in the impending The Last Days of Ultimate Mercenary.

The rest of the cast ends up in the Classic Looniverse:

(Also, President Evil #6 (whose framing sequence is an epilogue to WikiLull, but never mind that) is a prequel, set before Masterplan Lad met Ultimate Mercenary and revealing some of his activities as part of the Knights Temporal. It's the earliest chronological story featuring MPL (he says so!), but you probably shouldn't read it first.)

There, that's not too complicated, right?



  1. Also issues 5-6 of The Liminals are a flashback set before issue 4 but that's OK, because those are meant to be read out of chronological order.