Ununnilium Stranger

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The Ununnilium Stranger is a Paladin of Continuity created by Drew Nilium.
Alter Ego: Drew Nilium
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: None
Status: Trying to find the time to write more LNH20 stories
Usability: General Use


Is the (or a) Real World Minus One equivalent of Drew Nilium. They watch over LNH20 and make sure continuity doesn't get too tangled.


Tries to be dramatic and cryptic, but is really rather a goofball.

Powers and Abilities

Mysterious and conveniently vague powers over reality and the plot.


A babyfaced thirtysomething who would probably look even younger if they shaved the goatee and moustache. Wears normal, vaguely fashionable glasses but has constantly shadowed eyes. Wears a faux-leather longcoat that has been tye-dyed, patterns worked straight into the material. Underneath, wears a really comfortable-looking woolen sweater and jeans. Holds a space-black knitting needle in each hand, seething and sparkling with cosmic energies.