Aeneas Boddy

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Aeneas Romulus Boddy is a net.villain in waiting created by K. Michael Wilcox.
Alter Ego: Mark Brody
Aliases: Deus Xavier Machina
Primary Writer: K. Michael Wilcox
Status: Currently retired, former partner of Ferris Jones
Usability: Reserved


Once a teenaged genius named Mark Brody who was obsessed with immortality. After he succeeded, he became a net.villain and tried to attack a few LNH members. After the fight, he met with Deductive Logic Man, one of those members, and agreed to move out to the hero's suburban mansion.

Among his activities there, he created a species of intelligent cockroach, was split in two, and battled numerous foes. He also appeared on two game shows, raced across the country, and faced Gremlins the the sewers of Net York. His biggest adventure began when he built a time machine and had to live through all of human history (and then some). After Aeneas and Ferris ended (and the mansion was destroyed), he moved to Willow City and, using the name Deus Xavier Machina, married Syndi Nocando.


He is very intelligent (obviously), but not all that emotionally well-adjusted. He has been known to say the wrong thing and has often annoyed others. He can be obsessive, and has one major phobia. Before the trip back in time, he also seemed completely ignorant of (how to deal with) the opposite sex, regularly avoiding the advances of neighbor Colleen Karrde. [This fits in with the idea of the obsessed boy genius. It also, like most of his personality traits, mirrors an aspect of the author's.] This changed afterwards, though.

Powers and Abilities

An immortal supergenius. His clothes are as indestructible as he is (which saves the embarrassment of being vaporized and coming back naked), and he wields a regenerating sword. The one real physical problem he has is, as one can expect with a metabolism like that, a near-constant hunger. He will eat almost anything (unlike other aspects of his character, this is a departure from the creator). Early on, he also seemed rather clumsy, but this lessened with time.


As Mark Brody, he was a somewhat dorky-looking teenager (who bore a certain resemblance to the author.) As Aeneas he is tall, muscular, and handsome (That may seem fanboyish, but if you're designing a new body for yourself, would you go with Jean-Claude Van Damme or Jerry Lewis?) He wears a self-tailored black suit and a gray fedora.