Burst Beetle Tweseveny (series)

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Burst Beetle Tweseveny is the fantastic time-tripping maxi-series written by Drew Nilium and celebrating the twenty-seventh anniversary of the Legion of Net.Heroes, because anniversaries are arbitrary and time is a human construct!

Join Burst Beetle Tweseveny as she bounces back and forth thru twenty-seven years of LNH history, looking for friends, adventure, and a colorful life! But what are the mysterious machinations of Burst Beetle M-Plot leading up to – and how is Burst Beetle XOX going to balance the scales?


  • Issue #1: "2018: The End of Hope, The Beginning of the Future!"
  • Issue #2: "1997: Factor Analysis and the Variable M!"
  • Issue #3: "1997: Scattered Plots and the Time Traveler's Ex-Girlfriend!"
  • Issue #4: "2007: The Limits of Infinity and the Time on One's Hands!"
  • Issue #5: "2007: The Web we Weave and the Things Up Our Sleeve!"
  • Issue #6: "2007: The Mother of Necessity and a Short Backstory of Time!"
  • Issue #7: "2007: The Translation of Desire and the Satisfaction of the Fire!"
  • Issue #8: "2007: X Marks the Spot and O Calls the Shot!"
  • Issue #9: "2007: The Umpire's Call and the Last Rung's Fall!"