Cutlery Lass

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Cutlery Lass is a net.hero created by Peter "Tick" Milan.
Alter Ego: Samantha Spoon
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Tick
Status: Member of the LNH (Classic Team); romantically involved with Decibel Dude
Usability: Reserved


Sam dumped Nick Eggbeater before Decibel Dude & Vigilante Guy began, but was won back by him after she was kidnapped by Doctor Oblivion. After being attacked by Heartstopper, Sam spent time in a clinic in, Color.alt.o, where she learned how to hurl cutlery with Ninja style. She and Nick are engaged and are quite nauseatingly happy.


Quite possibly the most well-balanced person in Decibel Dude & Vigilante Guy, Sam has a need to prove her heroic ability to an often overprotective Decibel Dude.

Powers and Abilities

Trained in cutlery-based ninjitsu.


A pretty girl in a black gi, short black hair and dark eyes.