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Doc Nostalgia is a net.hero created by Jeanne Morningstar.
Alter Ego: Taylor Gable, John Jeffries
Aliases: The Man of Alloy, The Man of Yesterday
Primary Writer: None
Status: Member of the LNH (Team 20)
Usability: General Use


The third ever net.hero after Lass Lady and Golden Age Very-Disturbed-Scary-Creature Man (the fact he wasn't the first is a slightly sore point for him), Doc Nostalgia is powered by nostalgia, especially for his destroyed home planet of Groupon. (Before various reality shifts, his home planet was Robuck, then Topvalu.) For a time, he held multiple secret identities that he used to keep in contact with all levels of society; however, this inevitably collapsed in on itself – but not before leading him to his future wife.

Doc Nostalgia aged gracefully and became an elder statesman to the net.heroes, but the anti-entropic energy released by the cessation of The Killfile turned him back into his brash younger self, much to the consternation of his wife and family. During this tempestuous time, he became one of the founding members of the LNH, and battled in their ranks through the Spoon of Destiny Saga and beyond.

After W.H.A.T.E.V.E.R. took over America using social media algorithms, he seemed to join the S.P.A.M.M.E.R. Initiative, but was actually a double-agent for the LNH – appreciating what it had been only after it was gone.


Good at inspiring people, and has an enormous amount of experience, but can be incredibly strict, not very open to new ideas, and rather short-tempered and impatient. He's capable of coming up with good ideas, but his preferred solution to most problems is punching them in the face, whether or not this would actually work.

Is a stickler for everyone having names that end in "Lad" or "Lass", and has tried unsuccessfully to get this added to the LNH constitution every year. (It doesn't have to apply to him, because he was one of the first.)

Is bisexual and polyamorous.

Powers and Abilities

Formerly enormous, up to and including flight and super-breath; when he was de-aged, they were downgraded to low-level super-strength, super-jumping, and semi-invulnerability. Contact with strong sources of nostalgia can temporarily increase his power level.

Has a personal headquarters in the Arctic. After more than 50 years of superheroing, it's become a hideously cluttered mess, and he doesn't even remember what half the things in it even are.

In other respects, his memory is immaculate. For instance, he can name every World War II vigilante whose exploits made the newspapers. He probably knows their secret identities, and their middle initials too.

During the Spoon of Destiny Saga, experimentation by Mentus the Mouse, an intervention by an extradimensional goddess named Lydia, and exposure to the Power Morrison hyped Doc Nostalgia's powers up to include the ability to navigate and interact with the higher structure of Hypertext Time. He returned to normal afterwards.


In the present day, Doc Nostalgia is a muscular, square-jawed man with hair of an odd blue-black hue, dressed in jeans and a faded, distressed black T-shirt with a black "DN" in a blue circle on it.

In the '40s, he dressed more like a war veteran of 1912, with a neckerchief and ranger hat. In 1941, it was bright blue and black, with a black neckerchief and a blue ranger's hat, and a circle on the chest with the letters "DN" in it. In 1944, the colors were the same but the letters had moved to his breast pocket.


Was once a close friend to Golden Age Very-Disturbed-Scary-Creature Man. Is still married to Kathy Jeffries, and they have lots of kids and grandkids.

Has been jockeying for leadership position of the LNH with Fearless Leader since its founding. Also, is dating him. Ultimate Mercenary hates his guts, and vice-versa. January Frost has a hard time getting along with him, but humors him by letting him call her "Charisma Lass".