Dream Court

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The Dream Court is a faerie-like morally ambiguous organization that administers many of the dreamworlds of the Omnilooniverse and nearby worlds. It is a court not in the royal but the legal sense, resolving the conflicts between the ruling powers of dreamworlds through its arcane and impenetrable legal code.

The highly bureaucratic nature of the Dream Court was shaped by the Multiversal Office's incursion into the Looniverse; as many people rationalized their experiences under the Office's rule as dreams, it had an enduring effect on the dreamworlds.

The Dream Court has enforcers, such as Die Stahltraumerin, who travel across dimensions dealing with threats to the dreamland; they are indifferent to the lives of human beings.


The concept of the "Dream Court" and dream royalty was inspired by Mason Kramer's work in Superguy, and was defined and expanded on in Dvandom Force.