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Footnote Girl is a net.hero[1] created by Saxon Brenton.
Alter Ego: Petina Witherington-Brown
Aliases: The Footnote Fiend
Primary Writer: Saxon Brenton
Status: Trainee member of the LNH (Classic Team)
Usability: Usable With Permission[2]


Petina comes from the newsgroup[3] Before her first appearance, she attended a boarding school there, where she regularly had Tom Brown's Schooldays-style Adventures. An unknown force[4] captured her and put her in the armor of the Footnote Fiend, using her in an attempt to conquer/destroy afp. Afterwards, she was brought to the LNH to learn how to control her powers.[5]


Plucky, scrappy, easily frustrated by stupid adults.[6]

Powers and Abilities

Creates footnotes; for the instant she creates the footnote, she gets a flash of omnicognizance so that the details are correct, then forgets it.[7][8][9] Trained in wielding a hockey stick in self-defense.


Prepubescent English girl. Wears a typical English boarding school uniform[10] and glasses.

As the Footnote Fiend, wore a black, menacing suit of armor, with vicious-looking razor edges along the forearms and a full mask that completely concealed her identity as well as producing nifty Darth Vader-like ominous breathing noises.


Younger sister of Librarian Lady.[11]



  1. Though she may not agree with the label.
  2. Saxon's pretty good about giving it if you email him.
  3. She was raised by her sister, Sharon Witherington-Brown, AKA Librarian Lady.
  4. AKA a subplot that was never followed up on.
  5. As well as to give her a relatively stable home environment in which her sister could watch over her.
  6. Of which there is a never-ending supply.
  7. As the Footnote Fiend, her powers were greatly boosted by the technology of the armor she wore, including the ability to summon creatures made of footnotes.
  8. The creatures were a type of Punctuation net.elemental, which has lead to speculation that her powers are related to that net.element.
  9. Once, Petina had a higher potential level of power; however, she burned out a portion of it saving
  10. You're thinking of Hogwarts, aren't you.
  11. Who was forced, after the deaths of their parents, to send Petina to boarding school while she sought out employment to support both of them.
  12. Footnote Girl also provides footnotes for many many LNH issues, which shall not be listed here.