Giant Radioactive Hamsters From A Planet Far Beyond Mars

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The Giant Radioactive Hamsters From A Planet Far Beyond Mars are a species of, well, giant radioactive hamsters, created by Saxon Brenton.


The Hamsters originally come from the newsgroup They were bred as experiments and used as slaves by a race of Small Humanoids With Big Noses, until the heroic Woolly Net.pert began the Wars Of Hamster Liberation. After both the Small Humanoid fleet and the Hamster fleet were decimated by a planet-cracker bomb, the Hamsters moved to the Looniverse and settled on Nox, the planet orbiting Net.mesis, the invisible star at the edge of the Looniearth's solar system.


Hamster culture is generally peaceful; they have quickly established a significant number of trading concerns, due to their deep knowledge of magic in a galactic environment where few races are so skilled. They have a certain amount of prejudice against humanoids, due to their history of oppression.

Appearance and Biology

The Hamsters look much like normal Earth hamsters, but are bear-sized. They generally stand in quadrupedal stances, but can shift to a bipedal mode. They are herbivorous.

Powers and Abilities

The Hamsters constantly emit alpha radiation, and are resistant to radiation in general. Many individuals are accomplished in magic, and many others have their own individual mutations.

Well-Known Members


On a writing level, the Hamsters are a parody of the giant space hamsters in the Spelljammer setting of Dungeons & Dragons, combined with lyrics from Weird Al Yankovic's song "Attack Of The Radioactive Hamsters From A Planet Near Mars".