Captain Rat Creature

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Captain Rat Creature is a alien hamster net.hero created by Saxon Brenton.
Alter Ego: Branb'ss (known as Barnabas to his human friends)
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Saxon Brenton
Status: Reserve member of the LNH (Classic Team)
Usability: Usable With Permission


Young, impetuous and eager to help, Branb'ss followed his sister Re'quee, an ambassadorial assistant from Nox, world of the Giant Radioactive Hamsters From A Planet Far Beyond Mars, to a diplomatic meeting where he first displayed the powers of Captain Rat Creature. Although every giant hamster on Branb'ss's planet is radioactive – and thus, to some degree, a super-powered mutant – Captain Rat Creature's abilities make him far more powerful than his peers. As a result, both his family and the other hamsters of his world believe Captain Rat Creature requires extensive training and experience before he can act as a super-hero, an opinion that has caused the young rodent a great deal of heartache and angst.

During Flame Wars IV, Captain Rat Creature aided several other heroes in battling the One Man Abusive Reaction, OMAR. Though not officially a member of the LNH, Captain Rat Creature accompanied the Legion on its journey to the Ultimate Black Hole to defeat the Legion of Net.Villains during Beige Countdown.


Didn't you read the History? Young, impetuous and eager to help!

Powers and Abilities

In addition to emitting alpha-wave radiation from his fur, Captain Rat Creature can fly and shoot powerful beams from his beady black eyes. His super-rodent incisors were powerful enough to bite off the hand of the cosmic entity OMAR during the Flame Wars IV, and his super-cricetidean dexterity allows him to dodge even the swiftest attacks with ease.

Coming from a magical culture, he has some skill with spells, but needs to have some time to concentrate in order to use them, and depending on the spell, it can be mentally fatiguing – often much more than using his powers.


A bear-sized hamster wearing a garishly-colored spandex costume with a stylized picture of a quiche emblazoned across his chest. Unlike most of his kin, stands on his hind legs in his hero identity.