Jesse Willey's Grocery List

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Jesse Willey's Grocery List was an especially ludicrous Classic LNH Chaotic Add-On Cascade, written by Jesse Willey, Rob Rogers, Lalo Martins, Earl Brubridge, Jamie Rosen, Martin Phipps, Ryan Richardson and Jeanne Morningstar.

When Mike McMullan commented on The Team #33, Jesse noted that Mike seemed to read and review everything on RACC, and wondered if he'd get a response if he posted his grocery list and told everyone it was a story. This lead to him doing so, and sure enough, there were ten issues' worth of response, because that is how the LNH rolls.

Fred the Receptionist is going grocery shopping, but the last roll of paper towels has been taken – by a Bounty hunter! A Star Trek fight breaks out, Weirdness Magnet gets involved, and everyone wonders why you don't just go to the place down the street!

It is perhaps most notable for the introduction of the character who would later be known as Deathspork: The Terminator.

The entire thing can be read on the Eyrie Archive right over here.