Mister Paprika

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Mister Paprika is one of the most popular soft drinks in the Looniverse. It's also one of the LNH's most popular injokes – or, specifically, its slogan is: "Mr. Paprika! Now that's a MAN's pop!"

The soda first appeared in K. Michael Wilcox's Aeneas and Ferris.

In universe, it has been present since at least the beginning of the 20th century. One of Net.ropolis's most significant historical events was the Great Mister Paprika Flood of 1910. (Now that's a MAN's flood!) It is manufactured by Major Foods Corp.

See also No-Duh! Soda, Pister Maprika, Pister Y Maprika III, and Ms. Paprika. Bunzai's Pizza is a similar running gag in Superguy.