Alicia Avenue

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Alicia Avenue is a celebrity net.hero created by Amabel Holland.
Alter Ego: None
Aliases: Ms. Paprika
Primary Writer: Amabel Holland
Status: Member of the LNH (Classic Team)
Usability: [should prolly ask Amabel]


Alicia Avenue was a famous model who had it all, but she wanted more. So she took up the offer from the Mister Paprika corporation to become its mascot net.hero, who would sell a whole new line of soft drinks, Ms. Paprika. (Now that's a woman's pop!)

She was never intended to be a real net.hero, but found herself drawn into an all-too-real battle as her children were kidnapped. Still wearing the Ms. Paprika costume, she confronted the kidnapper and worked with the LNH and Mr. Net.ropolis to expose him – her own agent, who was actually Myron T. Feebles.

Initially, she didn't appreciate being called Ms. Paprika while trying to deal with a very serious personal problem, but drawn into the net.hero world, she claimed the identity as her own:

"Alicia Avenue's at home smoking cigarettes waiting for someone else to do something. Ms. Paprika's looking for her kids."

When her children were safe, she was happy to leave the role of net.hero behind, starting a career as an actress who appeared in such films as Day of the Green Giants. But while giving an interview for this film with Gary Niceguy, they were interrupted by an honest to god real invasion of green space aliens and ended up joining in the fight. She came to realize she really did want to be a net.hero after all.

Net.heroes on Parade

Alicia joined the LNH alongside the returning Gary. They were soon drawn into the battle against the Terrible Ones. Alicia was eager to prove herself as a true net.hero but feared she didn't really have what it takes. She was nonetheless able to use her acting skills to help solve a carnival-related murder.

When a superpowered revenant attacked the LNHQ and nearly killed most of her teammates, she was the one who took him down using one of Master Blaster's guns. Nonetheless, the battle took a heavy toll on her. Chatillon appeared to her and made her an offer: if she stood by and let Chatillon take Michette Duclos's mystic lunchbox, he would not only heal her but grant her powers. She gleefully accepted, and he transferred the revenant's psychokinetic power to her. She then started an affair with Gary, who had also taken the deal.


Tries to impress people with her celebrity status. Appears superficial and obsessed with getting more fame, but is deeply protective of her children, though she eventually sent them away. She is intensely practical, and has internalized many of the values of Hollywood's dog-eat-dog world. She didn't appreciate getting dragged into the net.hero world at first but made the best of it. Over time, she became more and more desperate to prove herself as a real net.hero.

Powers and Abilities

Originally, her only powers were the fighting skills of a middle-aged actress. Chatillon granted her powerful psychokinetic abilities.

A skilled actor. (Unlike Speed Richardson.)


Undoubtedly very attractive. Has asymmetrical breasts.


Has two children, Gerald and Paige. Was drawn to Gary Niceguy as someone who was messed up in similar ways.