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Net.phisto is a demon from Net.Hell created by Drew Nilium.
Alter Ego: Net.phistopheles
Aliases: Probably many
Primary Writer: None
Status: Lord of Net.Hell
Usability: Free For Use


Net.phistopheles, more often known as Net.phisto, is one of the many Lords of Net.Hell that vie eternally amongst one another for power inbetween bouts of tormenting the souls of the dead. Sometime presumably in the late 1940s, he fathered Anti-Christ Lad.

After Scary Ghost Lass was pulled down to Net.Hell by Ben Stein's Monster, she lead a revolution among the damned in Net.phisto's domain, so he ended up sealing her in a spirit egg as revenge against one timeline's version of his traitorous son. After the other timeline's heroic version ended up in said domain, he tempted him with the power to achieve his heroic goals – but Marvel Zombie Lad helped Anti-Christ Lad deny the temptation. While Net.phisto was left without a version of his son who would serve his goals, the traitorous version was removed from the board, shifting the balance of power in Net.Hell...


A smooth manipulator who gets haughty when foiled.

Powers and Abilities

Standard devil-type abilities, such as diabolic magic and making supernatural deals. Commands infernal legions.


A heavy metal nightmare, wreathed in smouldering smoke and wearing an Armani suit.