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Pittsburgh, the Paris of Appalachia, the city of more bridges than Portland, the city that rose on steel, fell, and rose again and then the gentrification started... It's kind of a triangle?


The version of this city that exists on Earth-20 is the home of Writer's Block Person and a surprising number of other net.heroes. Maybe all cities have this many tho! Maybe it's not just for having a huge date-able supporting cast! You don't know!!

Classic LNH

The version from the Classic Looniverse was once home to a great number of quantum duplicates of Brad Pitt, before they sacrificed themselves during WikiLull. In the past it was blown up by the previous wielder of the Cool S, but came back, like Canada did all those times.

Its net.name is Bittsburgh, which is not used much, in order to maintain the terrible Brad Pitt pun. Possibly its name was changed after it was destroyed and undestroyed.