Writer's Block Person

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Writer's Block Person is a net.hero created by Drew Nilium. Not to be confused with Writer's Block Woman.
Alter Ego: Drew Nilium
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Drew Nilium
Status: Active on Earth-20
Usability: Ask Before Using


One day, the Drew Nilium of Earth-20 was chosen by some force of Chaos or Silliness or something to address the Balance of Long, Planned-Out Writing versus Short Silly Tossed-Off Stuff in LNH20. They started writing short issues and having adventures (by which I mean, mostly cute dates) in and around the Pittsburgh area.

Later, they were charged with a mission by Library Lad: to further the cause of communication and bring emojis to Usenet, via cool emoji-based transformations! This lead to some dramatic adventures, but also, more cute dates. Some of their duties have now been passed on to Spheresong and Burst Beetle Flash.


Intensely idealistic, passionate, and stubborn. They wear their heart on their sleeve, and are easily overwhelmed by emotions both negative and positive. They focus on keeping an optimistic, enthusiastic attitude, trying to be friendly, helpful and uplifting to everyone around. Finally, they are generally considered adorable.

They're pansexual, demisexual, and genderfluid.

Powers and Abilities

By shouting "HENSHINSPIRATION!", they can transform into an armored hero a la Japanese tokusatsu shows (or Power Rangers), but getting stuck on what to do next makes them detransform. Their transformed form can do stylized, special-effects-y martial arts, and has special attacks, including (deep breath) Megalo Burning Iridescent Spirit Flash.

After gaining the power of the Scroll of Logos, they gained the ability to transform into various emoji-based forms by shouting "EMOTICONVERSION!"

These forms include:

  • Heavy Black Heart: Can shoot beams with power to temporarily clear negative thoughts and banish dark magical influences.
  • Weary Cat Face: Uses a magic staff against card-based personifications of anxiety and resentment.
  • Cow Face: A fusion with another facet of their mind, featuring the power of the Indulgence Punch.
  • Skull Writer's Block Person: A form based in pure, uncontrolled anger. Not recommended for use.
  • Skull With Cool Sunglasses: A custom emoji form, taking the power of Skull Writer's Block Person and making it something that can be channeled and used.

Unlike most LNH20 characters, they have metafictional awareness of themselves as an author avatar and fictional character.


Cute as a button. A chubby, apple-shaped, rather androgynous white person, with a goatee and small breasts, sparkly chocolate-brown eyes, swoopy brown hair and a slight natural blush on each cheek.

In civilian form, they wear a lot of T-shirts, with jeans or skirts, and purple catseye glasses.

When transformed, they wear purple armor with gold accents over a black bodysuit. It has a purple chestpiece with swoopy, pointed golden shoulders and a heart-shaped amethyst in the center of the chest, outlined in gold; A long, scalloped sparkly gold cape; long gauntlets like armored evening gloves with golden wristbands; long boots with slight heels, like flats; a golden belt buckle shaped like an open book; and a helmet, with a black visor shaped like their glasses, and a pair of golden pointed wolf-ears.

Each emojiform has its own variation on this costume, usually involving their chest gem transforming into an emoji silhouette.


They're polyamorous, and maintain a lot of relationships with various levels of romance, sexuality, and kink, including with Chaos Theory, Kid Review, Whisperion, Redink, and Barnabas McGillicuddy. They're close platonic friends with Gives Hugs Impetuously Lass, have a friendly but intense rivalry with Distraction Damsel, and are in some sort of petting-based relationship with Doctor Puppy.