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The planet Qwerty was the home of the once-great Qwertian civilization. Qwertians were humanoids who were said to gain superhuman processing powers from the mythical Red SunStations, although they weren't that impressive in practice.

In ancient times, <Beige Midnight stuff goes here>

A Qwertian net.hero, Myk-El, came to Loonivearth and became a founding member of the Legion of Net.Heroes. His rapscallious cousin Dev-Null was an enemy of theirs in the nebulous pre-CPDC period.

The world was devastated by the Dvorakian Empire, leaving Dev-Null the only known survivor after Myk-El's death [1]. It's not much of a planet these days. All that remains on its cratered, ruined landscape, which still glows in places from powerful transnuclear weapons, is an automated beacon left by the Dvorakians to proclaim their triumph. Dev-Null still visits Qwerty on the anniversary of its death.


The planet is named, of course, after the QWERTY keyboard layout.


  1. A version Myk-El was returned to life in Retcon Hour, but he inhabits that nebulous kind of "ascended to a higher plane of existence" state, so it's not clear if he counts.