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Russ Allbery, also known as Eagle, is an LNH writer who wrote the Drifter miniseries along with David Anastasion, as well as The Return of Copyright Kid and Trademark Lass and parts of Omaha Project, Birds Fly, and Retcon Midnight. He helped build the Crossroads imprint and told further stories about Drifter and Windrider there.

But beyond writing, he is one of the most important people to rec.arts.comics.creative's continued existence. He works tirelessly, moderating the group, hosting the Eyrie Archive, posting the FAQs...

Seriously. You should go write him a thank you card, right now.

(Appropriately, he's won Accies:Favorite Person Who Hangs Out on alt.comics.lnh and RACCies:Favorite Person Who Hangs Out on RACC a combined total of five times.)